Mar. 12th, 2010


Mar. 12th, 2010 10:28 am

Even though its a stormy day Im having a great day! After all in a few short hours I am free for 2 days. Yay!

Yesterday I had another meeting and it was close to Kohls. I had to pay my bill anyway so I stopped in there for a minute. I bought these...

They are so comfortable! I find myself rocking back and forth in the elevator and today when i was talking to someone. Hope they help my feet and legs.

This morning I had to come into work at 730am. Usually I dont come in until 9am or so. We are in the middle of a big fundraising campaign for Relay For life. So far we are knocking on 5000.00 bucks! Im pretty psyched that we will get close to 10000.00. Thats awesome! This morning we were selling drawing tickets(not gambling) for these baskets that each dept created. They are awesome. There was a clinique basket, kids baskets with those red ride in cars full of toys and our dept basket which has over 200 bucks worth of gift cards. Yesterday at lunch they sold 600 bucks worth of chances. Today I dont know the amount but they were selling fast. Plus my boss donated an Ipod touch that we are having a drawing for. I kept asking people and I had tickets around my neck. I was into it but then I had to come back to work.

About the gambling thing. Our state is embroiled in a big anti gambling thing where the governor has them shut down and then they reopen. We are going to possibly get to vote on gambling in our state. I guarantee you that if you cross the state line into Ga, TN, Ms or Fl you will see tons of Alabama cars. Please Gov Riley keep our money here instead of helping other states! So we cant call it a raffle. They are donating money and there will be a drawing. For Heavens sake lets be politically correct about it. Shrug I dont give a rabbits ear either way. Its all pretty stupid in my opinion.

Gosh this turned into a rant. Sorry bout that. Have a great weekend my friends!



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