Mar. 5th, 2010


Mar. 5th, 2010 10:27 am
Yesterday was a good day. I got a bunch of freebies in the mail. I made it to Target finally and got the sale stuff I needed and the baby gift for my nieces shower Saturday. I bought her this Baby stuff is so expensive now. Glad I dont have to worry about it. Then I worked out for the fourth day this week. Go Me!

Im taking Jodibug to get her hair trimmed and hilighted tomorrow. We will have a girly day and then the shower. Im taking my Mother to the shower. That should be fun. :) I think next weekend I will take Jodi and myself for a much needed pedicure. She loves getting her toes done and I need to go too. Im pondering on doing my nails again. I used to always have them done but then I got busy with no time for my fill-in appointments so I quit getting them.

Speaking of busy, Gays boss is now Doc#4. He officially hired me as a consultant last Sunday. He told me I explain things clearly to him. Ive talked to Gay and I think we can make this work. Im going there this afternoon for about an hour to lay out some plans I have been thinking about.

Next week I have meetings 4 out of 5 days from 830am til 130pm regarding electronic medical records. My boss isnt interested because we have the hospital based system. I am going to get info for the other docs I help. Then I have another meeting Thursday in between these meetings for my pratice manager group. They met in Birmingham this week and I didnt go. Hopefully I will get to find out any new things in the industry next week.

Have a great weekend friends!

33 more sleeps! Yay! Next week will bring me under 30 sleeps. I need to start looking for my beach clothes!



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