Apr. 30th, 2010

First the good... Gay was all set to go to MD Anderson in TX. Saw her oncologist today and she is headed to Nashville to this center http://www.sarahcannon.com/ Ive been reading their facebook page and the doc she is seeing has videos on youtube. Isnt it cool you can see so much info before the visit? She also got her MRI result. The pain she was in Sunday in church and since then is caused by two bulging discs. Not her cancer! So thats a good thing. She will be going May 10th for an overnight stay and then the treatment plan will be worked out from there. She called just a bit ago and was so happy! I love that she feels good about this. We take every bit of joy we can.

Bad news... We took supper to our friend Mary Louise again last night. The friend I wrote about last week with brain cancer. She has been asleep the past 36 hours. Her husband is putting her in an assisted living facility Tuesday. He cant really take care of her any more. They have been married almost 60 yrs. He had tears in her eyes last night and both daughters had been crying. I feel terrible for all of them. God love them!

Leaving work early today to go to the crawfish boil. Tomorrow is wedding dress shopping. I hope we fall in love with one. Ive seen so many of them. :)



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