Apr. 12th, 2010

Im swamped but wanted to post about the beach trip. We left Wednesday and got there around 530 or so. Checked in and went to find something to eat. We ate at the Crab Trap http://www.crabtrapdestin.com/ Yummy food and the bartender kept us filled up on margaritas. Left there came back to the hotel. Went to the pool bar and that bartender about killed us with tequila. OMG that drink was so strong I had to let it sit a bit. LOL. I had a meeting Thursday and Gay hung out at the beach. I met up with her and we went to get something to eat at The Shrimp Basket http://shrimpbasket.com/orangebeach.html Went to do some souvenir shopping. Gay tried to talk me into a tattoo. We came back and had a couple beers. Then Friday morning I had another meeting then spent the afternoon at the beach. I got scorched. I used #50 sunblock but must've missed some spots because they are bright red now. OUCH! That night we went to Mexico Lindo. We actually went to this place because we have one here and love it. The meal was amazing. The meat was seasoned so well and the salsa was yummy. We ordered large margaritas and they must have put a pitcher in there. We were both tanked. I drunk dialed Kristy twice and she was laughing at me. We passed out that night from alcohol. Then Saturday we hit the outlet malls. They were having incredible sales. We bought Coach purses and Dress Barn stuff and kitchen store stuff and aeropostale stuff for the kids. http://www.tangeroutlet.com/foley We had a blast in there and then went to Docs Seafood for supper. Came back and hung out on the patio with a beer and watched the college guys clowning in the hot tub beneath our room. We headed home yesterday. Stopped off at Windcreek http://www.windcreekcasino.com/ and made a donation of 42.10 to the Creek Indians. Kiss my butt Bob Riley and State of Alabama! Then headed home. We hit a road block outside Montgomery. Sat on the interstate for almost an hour. Finally got home around 545 pm. I was beat from driving. Wouldnt trade a minute of it and would go back again now if I could. Told Gay we are definitely doing it again.

Back to work for this gal.



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