Mar. 22nd, 2010

And now for something completely different. I have some questions I need your advice on oh dear wise lj friends. We are doing save-the dates for the wedding and ordering invitations. Fun stuff!

1. Do we invite the pastor and wife to the rehearsal dinner?
2. How much do you generally pay the officiant and his wife(piano player)?
3. Do we send them a Save-the-date and invitation?
4. How much of a gift card do you think is a nice gift for the following;
Pam-friend- decorating the reception area.
Gay-best friend- flinging wedding cake as she calls it
Michelle-my sisters in-law- doing flowers which we are paying for.
Judy-my sister- helping with everything. Directing and helping pull it all together.
My dad who is giving Kristy away.
The photographer..tip or not?
Cake baker who will set it up an hour before.. tip or not?
The DJ at the reception..tip or not?
The wait staffs tip is included in the food
tab at the country club.

Just give me your feelings. Everyone says they dont want anything but we feel like we need to. Seriously Ive never been on this end of a wedding before.
Thanks in advance!

Lil Bit

Mar. 22nd, 2010 06:20 pm
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for our Lil Bit. He is home. The rest of the animals are giving him a hard time. He probably smells different after being gone for 4 days. He just ate some special food the vet told us to give him. He drank some water. I have a feeling he will be okay. Hes under the bed now and he looks okay. Maybe a lb or two less but he was a heifer anyway.

Did I ever tell you I dont like cats? I never did anyway until Bryan brought Wisp and Lil Bit in and dumped them on me. I fussed about them but now they are both my little guys. Wisp is my special boy but Lil Bit is right there with him. Now I have 5 cats and that is plenty!



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