Feb. 17th, 2010

Ive gotten myself into sort of a tenuous situation. I befriended Gay's boss over on facebook. He and I have always had a great relationship. He even came to Gay's birthday party I had last year. Well anyway its been just jokes or one liners so far. Two days ago he asked me to come and go over his accounts receivables in a private message. He said they have a problem. I say okay and head over to his office yesterday. This is what I do when I help other docs. Only this time my best friend is involved. So anyway she was a little bit resistant. She doesnt think there is a problem. She only showed me a couple of reports and right off I pointed out a couple of things she needed to do. So I come back to my office and send him a message. Then I get an email from Medicare that says none of our claims have been sent to the patient secondary insurance companies. Not just mine, all of the claims for anyone filing Alabama Medicare. This started 1/5/2010-2/12/2010. So none of the secondaries have paid. Crap! Thats going to hold up monies too!
I sent him that communication and called Gay and told her to go pull all the remittance advices and file secondaries pronto.

This morning her boss messaged me a copy of a letter he sent Gay. Its not really nice I dont think. Im in the middle. I told him yesterday I love her to pieces and I dont want to upset her. If I tell him im not going to help him Im afraid I will lose his friendship. Plus lots of referrals. When he talks to his colleagues he recommends me to assist them. I get a lot of jobs that way. So therefore im in a precarious position and I dont like being here. There isnt much I can do but try to be cordial and help Gay all I can. She told me while ago she doesnt think he is listening. Hes concerned because he has no money. The whole world is feeling that way but he is worried about him. Sighhhhhh

In other news I worked out the past two nights pretty hard. Im doing an hour and half now. Still not much measurable weight loss but I feel better. Thinking it will show up someday.

49 more sleeps!!!



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