Jan. 9th, 2010

I was on the computer the other night and the dogs were needing some attention. They are like kids. When they want something you stop and play with them or feed them or give them treats. Least thats what we do. Here are a couple of pics I liked.

When you talk to Dixon he turns his head like hes listening. He was on my lap looking at me while I chattered.

Then Izzy brought her rubber bone to me over and over to throw so she could fetch it. This is her mug. Ive got some beauties here!

Baby its cold outside! I had been holed up here in the house and when Bryan came home we decided to go shop. Today is my mothers birthday. She is the hardest person to buy for. All she does is sit in her recliner all day and watch QVC. She can get anything she wants either on tv or thru my sister, dad and me. So I got her a magnified lighted hands free gadget to wear around her neck. Then if she want to read she can and wont have to strain so hard. My dad liked it so much I think I will get him one too. :)

We grabbed some Starbucks and I looked around Hobby Lobby for a bit. All their wedding stuff is 50% off. I got some bubbles for the reception. Also got the petals for the flower girl. We have the basket for those already. I hate to buy much without Kristy. I dont want to make her mad so I will wait.

We also stopped at Pizza Hut and got one of their 10.00 pizzas. They are such a great deal and they are selling lots of them. Now im home and thinking of baking some cookies or cupcakes. Cant decide. Heck I might make both.

Have a good evening!



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