Mar. 16th, 2010 02:29 pm
[personal profile] babeofbryan
Im trying to catch up with all of you but im having a hard time. Someday I will be caught up.

My boss is in Florida all week.Yay! We have the relief doc here who I like. Tomorrow he buys Greek pizza. Im not going to like that. Trying really hard not to eat bad stuff. Everybody says eat a salad but even their salads are bad for you. Last night we worked out and learned some new stuff. This guy Tony has been our motivator. He says you are going to do it. Ill have 20 reps and no less. Well last night his buddy Josh got into it too. They had us doing all kinds of new stuff. I told them I failed at basic training. They didnt find that funny at all. I did do 10 floors on the big climber thing. Its like an escalator but you have to climb. Its really high up and scary but I do it. Im working for 20 floors. 10 bout kills me!

I went for Wendys chili today at lunch. I actually like it. Salads are not my friend. I have IBS and salads are rough on my tummy. So anyway, I order my chili and pay for it. Get back into my office and no spoon. WTH? I didnt have any here either because I cleaned and threw out all the fast food stuff. Plastic spoons included. So I took the lid off and sipped it. Nice huh?

Tonight I have got to Ebay some stuff. My escrow went up 150 a month after I had a fight with my homeoweners company. Long story but they won. I have to pay them and the additional escrow. Along with the wedding, birthdays, etc. Oh well glad I love my job!

22 more sleeps! YAY!
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