2010-03-03 11:49 am


Morning friends!

I probably need to drop out of some of my communities here. I find that when you are dieting its probably best not to look at the bake,bake,bake or pioneer womans recipes. Good grief they both have me craving sweets today. Resist I will!

I dont have much to write about. The wedding planning is ongoing. Ive picked up another physician job. Yesterday I had a gazillion calls from various physicians and their office staff wondering what to do about Medicare. Medicare was supposed to cut us 21%. They held off for 10 days and Medicare wont pay for 10 days. Well last night the cut is held off until the end of the month. Meanwhile I dont understand the docs not wanting their charges billed. They did the work. If the cuts happen they will cut payments. If not they will pay after 10 days. I dont see stopping the claims from being sent. Holding them will just create more work 2 weeks from now. This job used to be so easy. Now its like solving a puzzle. What do they want from me today?? I advised everyone I talked to including my boss to send the claims. Whatever happens will happen. Other than contacting their legislators I dont see anything else they can do.

Anyways, have a good Wednesday. Im off to Target at lunch. Baby shower Saturday for my niece and I need cat food.

35 more sleeps!!