I probably shouldnt visit pet stores too often. Im a sucker for a pretty face. I went Monday to purchase a rat for Bryan's snake. They had 3 Bostons, 3 Schnauzers(sp) and 2 mini Shetland Sheepdogs. I steered clear of them because I dont need a dog plus they are pricey. I told Bryan and he wanted to go see them last night. His son Jonathan is 15 and has wanted a dog the whole 10 yrs ive known Bryan. The two they had were females, one sable and white and one black and white. We held the sable one and asked why she was 100.00 cheaper. She has a gimpy leg. One of her front legs was broken when she was born and the breeder didnt fix it. Stupid breeder!! Well I watched her walk, then run and fell in love with her. She doesnt weigh much. Maybe 3-4 lbs and she has a gorgeous face. He talked them down 75 more bucks and we brought her home. The vet saw her this morning and said shes a healthy girl. He said he could break her leg and reset it but the plate didnt grow right and might still favor that leg. He opted to leave it alone which we will do. Her name is Isabella, we will call her Izzy for short.

Now to get her housebroken and leash trained. This morning she just stood there. She doesnt understand the leash so we are going to have to get her used to it. We are crate training her to help housebreak her. She pooped in her crate. The women who told me they wont poop in their crate lied! I didnt scold her. I just cleaned it up. She loves treats and Dixon is incredibly jealous. Ive got to watch him. This morning he has his treat and went after hers. She doesnt care, shes so sweet.



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