Mar. 18th, 2009 09:24 am
Again I want to thank everyone for your ideas and well wishes with my little bug Dixon. Im happy to report he is back to himself again. He twirled around in circles when I got home last night. He escorted me everywhere I went. He thinks I cant go to the bathroom alone. LOL
He ate really well and yeah he ate human food. Dont tell Bryan! He gave me doggie kisses. Hes good again. :)My little man brings such joy to my life. Psst.. dont tell him hes a dog.

I feel good today. Ive been horribly busy this week. My house is evidence of that. I feel like this weekend is going to be Spring clean day. Ive got to carve out some space to keep my paperwork separate from my home paperwork. Its kind of overwhelming me that I have all this paper. I bought a briefcase yesterday and got some sorted into it but I need more space.

Kristy called me yesterday to tell me she and her sweety had been to a matinee. It was The Last House on The Left. She said it was good but wouldnt tell me what happened. Grrr.
She also told me that they stopped in the jewelry store and she picked out some rings she liked. I have a feeling she is about to become engaged. Im very happy for her. We all adore Warren. He is the complete opposite of her ex husband. Plus Jodi likes him. Im going to her music program tomorrow at lunchtime. Its a practice but I cant go tomorrow night because im to be in a conference call at the same time with Doc 3.

Happy Hump day! Hope the weather is beautiful where you are.



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