Apr. 6th, 2009 07:06 pm
Im taking a little break from my work. I brought my briefcase bag home tonight that I carry all the things I need for Doc#3. Bryan said no wonder your back hurts.

Things are really coming together with Doc #3. The space has been remodeled, painted and cleaned. He listened to me and used a neutral color. He had a orangy looking color I didnt like. I picked a creamy butter color. It looks so good. Saturday we went to the space to meet the IT people. We are using wireless pc tablets in each exam room. Everything will be encrypted. I lose some of this talk because its not my thing. [ profile] purplebbw would love it! We ordered the phones today and the phone lines. I got his insurance paperwork started. We are going to give the employees BCBS with dental and vision and life insurance. I told him if we treat the employees well they wont be looking for jobs in other offices. Tonight Im working on charge sheets and fee schedules. Im the project manager for the computer stuff too. When they come out to go live I am taking a weeks vacation to train on the system. Then in the future if we get new employees I can help train them.

He wants to purchase nuclear cameras, echo machines and a bunch of high end test stuff. I am trying to get him to lease them. Today when I called he to told me he might do that. He said everything else I told him made sense.

My boss is back and he was in a great mood today. That made for a better day for me.

My Saturday was filled with work. We didnt do much Saturday night. Hang out and watch tv. Sunday was my sisters and Kristys birthday party. My parents pulled a good one. They gave them both cards and said they hadnt been shopping. Both of them ripped them open looking for checks. My parents both had these straight faces. My sister was just beside herself. You mean I didnt get anything? Finally my mother gave them their checks. It was funny though.

Have a good evening. I need to do a little more work tonite.



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