Jul. 16th, 2010

[Poll #1593109]
I made a poll earlier because this wedding stuff is making me crazy. I knew it would. I was most of the way there but now Im closer than ever. :) Im seriously joking but I have questions and concerns. Kristy is my only daughter. She was married to an absolute asshole(scuse my French) for 10 yrs. I mean psycho doesnt describe him. Anyway, this time everyone likes the future hubby. Hes good to Kristy and she loves him. I want her day to be the best day of her life. I just keep thinking up all kinds of stuff that could happen, might happen, will happen. I know im over thinking all of it. But honestly, getting peoples advice helps me think things out.

Today Kristy, Warren and his mom and dad went to the country club to work on the menu. They come back telling me its an astronomical amount. I talked with a friend whose daughter got married last month. Her reception was there too. Her bill was higher than she expected. So Im trying to build up a cushion. She told me all of the younger folks just want to drink and dance. They might nibble on a chip or something but mostly they want to drink. I think that will apply to Kristy and Warren too. She is 30 and hes 35. Anyway, if you have a moment fill out my poll. Thanks!



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