Apr. 6th, 2010


Apr. 6th, 2010 11:33 am
Ive had a busy last couple of weeks. Friday Kristy and Warren drove down to Daytona and spent the weekend. I had Jodi and we did okay. I say that because she usually wears me out. She didnt this time. I think shes growing up! Friday night I ordered pizza and she and I went to our churches Tenabrau service. Came home and hung out. Saturday I had a hair appointment at 12. Afterwards Jodi and I rode out to see my friend Shari. Ive reconnected with her on facebook. We used to go everywhere together, she and Gay and I. I have a pic on my dresser of all 3 of us decked out for NYE one year. Was good to see her. Lots of memories flooded back. She wanted to meet Jodi because they chat on facebook while playing games. :)

Saturday evening Jodi and I bought new flip flops and then picked up sushi from ONO grill. Came home and hung out again. Sunday we went to Bryan's sisters house in Decatur. Had a really good time. They have a wonderful spacious comfy home. All the family was there. I got to visit with Aunt Julia and Uncle Bobby who I just love. His sister Cathy has a 12 yr old named Sam. Usually we never see Sam. He eats in his room and plays games. This time he was taking pics of everyone and there seemed to be a crush happening with Jodi and Sam. I told her he was 12 and she perked up like WOW. He kept chasing her around the house taking her pic and grabbing her to hold her still. :) Drove home and didnt even eat supper. I was pretty well exhausted by now. The kids enjoyed their Easter baskets. I gave Bryan a blu-ray Sherlock Holmes. He gave me a chocolate bunny and a new rug for the den. :)

Monday was super busy. Its like everyone knows im leaving town tomorrow and cant stand it. Plus im having software issues with Blue Cross. They talk Greek when you finally get someone on the phone. Hopefully its worked out now. Worked out like crazy last night. Came home, cooked supper, laundry, and drove Jodi home about 745pm. I was so sleepy on the ride home. Glad its only 20 mins. Kristy told me that Warrens parents want a supper for the reception and didnt want to hurt my feelings. Im not hurt! Let them help out! His aunt gave both Kristy and Jodi a pandora bracelet for Easter. Seems like they are really accepting them into the family. That makes me happy.

Today I have to finish up some stuff then get packed for my big trip. Oh yeah and I got my schedule to book my Summer beach trip. Its my big one. So I will book it hopefully when I get back from this beach trip.

Ive waited awhile to say this..... 1 MORE SLEEP!!!!!!yeah baby!!!



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