Apr. 1st, 2010


Apr. 1st, 2010 09:57 am
Ive had a bad week. The only high point was my weigh in this morning. Im down 2.2 lbs today. Yay!
9.7 lbs since 1/25/2010. Im feeling pumped about it too! Which is good because our workouts have been getting tougher. Last night was 100 squats,75 pushups, 40 6 lb ball exercises, 40 knee to chest, 10 superman moves, 40 lb squat push things, 20 50 lb lat pulls and then 5 flights on the stair climber. We were beat, red faces and dripping sweat. But today it feels so good. I havent been good about my eating either. I had chips and dip and birthday cake Sunday. Yay for the exercise!

Now to the bad things. First my home life is wacky because we have a 16 yr old who thinks the world revolves around him. His prom is the 24th of April. I have been on his dad about a tux and flowers for weeks. So they tell me the dress is green. I say what shade of green. Then I went through the choices I know of. He turns to his dad and says whats wrong with her. I promptly shut my mouth.

My phone and internet were down all day Tuesday and most of yesterday. I do 70% of my work online. I have a lot of projects going on and need to be on top of them. Apparently the tenants who moved next door cut all the cabling in the building. I had to call them at their new place and get them to come open up for the repairman. He called me at 1pm yesterday to get into my office. I had sat here for a day and half and im at the dentist about to have my teeth cleaned and what could I do but leave? Sighhhh

Then the trip is next Wednesday. I have so much to do and it will get done but I am feeling some pressure to get it all taken care of. This morning I stopped to get some breakfast and crapping Burger King made me wait 10 mins for my food in the drive thru. I was fuming. Then she delivers it with a snarly attitude. Im like oh no you didnt. I have a call into corporate now. Ive turned into my mother. Im planning to drown myself in tequila next week!

Off to see what ive missed here.

Thank God for 6 more sleeps!!!



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