Mar. 29th, 2010


Mar. 29th, 2010 09:53 am
Im a horrible LJ'er on the weekends. I will try to remember what we did. Lets see, Friday night I ordered pizza and we stayed home. Jodi spent the night with a friend so I picked her up at 12 to go to a girl scout function. It was thinking day and she got a badge for her part. They were from the country Nepal.I thought of you (lj user= red_silk_robe). :) The different troops there represented different countries. I dropped her off and did some shopping. My sister and Kristy's birthdays are next weekend. My little girl will be 30. How can that be?? Picked Jodi back up and we went to the house. I worked in my living room for awhile. My front room(formal living room) is about to become partly Jodi's room. Im partitioning off part of it and putting a daybed in there and a tv. We stay in the den for the most part. Its time for Jodi to have a space of her own when shes at my house. :)

Sunday we went to church then to Kristy's house. I cleaned up her puter and gave her and my sister their gifts. My sister is going to Vegas and Kristy is headed to Daytona this weekend. My sister is actually going to dinner with my best high school friend I reconnected with on Facebook. Im a bit jealous but she is coming here in June. Kristy is going to Daytona to visit with Warren's parents for Easter. I am keeping Jodi and we will all go to Bryan's sisters to celebrate Easter.

Then next Wednesday Gay and I leave on our beach trip! Im so excited about going. She is telling me things she is taking. She buys this Cuervo Gold mix and puts it in baggies in the freezer. Instant margaritas! So she is taking that and a book and not much else. She is really happy about a girls trip. She was laughing at me at church because I told her im taking my laptop. She hates the computer and never gets online except at work. Im trying to fight back emails. I have 1000 again and I cant seem to corral them. Saturday I worked hard on them but still have a bunch. Im on a bunch of coding advisory panels and I get lots of mail from them. Plus other things I have going on.

So thats my weekend. How was yours?



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