Mar. 20th, 2010


Mar. 20th, 2010 12:04 pm
My bathroom is scrubbed clean. Im on my third and last load of laundry. Coffee consumed and Im about to head out shopping with Kristy. :)
Jodi had a girl scout campout so shes tired and not going.

I had a crapola day at work yesterday. Started out my Lil Bit, my oldest grey cat being sick. I knew he was sick, Wisp who hides out and is his brother keep bumping Bryan and I the night before. Usually he doesnt budge from his hiding spaces. He has several. The next day Lil Bit was laying in front of the toilet in the bathroom. I think he was there because he knows thats the first place Bryan and I head in the mornings. He was cold and shaking. He looked to have some sort of blood tinged fluid underneath him. Bryan took him to the vet. His bladder was full and the blood was coming from there. The vet is optimistic that he will be okay. He kept him over the weekend. He has an IV and a catheter. The vet called me this morning and told me he felt better. He was meowing and sifting with his paws. He had pulled his IV out but let him put it back in. He is going to call me if anything changes. Never thought I would worry so about a cat!

Then I went to work at 630am to set up and sell our relay for life gift baskets. I left at 9am, went to my office, worked until 330pm and went back to the hospital to help put everything away. Our dept. is selling chances for an IPOD touch which I want. I bought 20.00 worth and put my name on them. One of the girls at the hospital told me I couldnt do that. It wouldnt look good if I won. By now im tired and told her screw it. Throw my tickets in the garbage. She had my 20.00 do whatever she wanted to with them. The day before she had bitched at me becuase I hadnt sold them to anyone but me. What difference does it make? Im not employed by the hospital. Im employed by my boss. It shouldnt matter who wins it if they paid their money. I have bought 50.00 worth of chances on gift baskets too. Wonder if I win one of those if it will look bad? So needless to say I left mad and I hate that.

Wish my Lil Bit good luck. Hes a slug of a kitty but I love him.



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