Mar. 15th, 2010


Mar. 15th, 2010 10:39 am
Morning Friends list!

Its beautiful outside today. I cant wait to be out planting and digging in the yard. Ive got to go get some plants this week for sure.

Woke up at 430am this morning and never went back to sleep. I wish I could turn it off some mornings but that's when my worries kick into gear.

Had a little face-book drama Saturday. I had this friend who kept posting all kinds of crap about the government and anti-Obama crap. I was talking to another friend in chat. We had enough of it so we started joining every page we could against her. She deleted both of us and blocked us. LOL
Not even enough balls to say anything. Apparently her opinion is the only one that matters. I don't care who you vote for but gosh cant we just get along?

Yesterday I had to do the call of worship at church and usher. Afterwards I went to see Dr. Kryder at the assisted living facility. We cant pick him up anymore since he fell. They don't want him to leave. He was eating lunch and holding court at the head of the table. While I was there I saw Marge another lady from church. Yesterday when ushering I was bragging on her bright red coat. She didn't even remember me. She still drives. Yikes!

Went shopping at Target and enjoyed myself. I enjoy just looking at stuff when I don't have to hurry. With Bryan its like get in and get what we came for. With Jodi its steer clear of anything she might want because she will beg for it. When its just me I can look around all I wanna. Left there and went by to see my Mother and Dad. Took them some eggs because they were on sale. Dad has more money than I could think about. He wont drive to Target because "its out of the way." Like 5 miles from him. So I buy them stuff when its cheaper there. Plus gives me an excuse to visit.

Oh yeah and my Dad has changed his mind about getting his Camry checked out. He saw on TV where they feed you lunch and or breakfast if you bring the car in for service. So he wants me to go with him to take the car for a check up. LOL Im glad he asked me because hes 77. I don't want him driving in Birmingham. They will run over him.

Everyone have a good Monday! Im going to!



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