Mar. 1st, 2010


Mar. 1st, 2010 10:28 am
I had a horrible weekend! Dont want to go back thru it but just happy its over.

Friday night we went out to eat and I ate too freaking much. Why do I do this when I work so hard all week? Its my fault. So Im going to work double hard this week. What else can I do?

Saturday the day got away from me. Had a hair appointment for color and brow wax. Got that done then to the grocery store where I had a melt down. I got into 4 lanes before I checked out! Geez what does it take to pay money for your over priced groceries? The manager must have known I was pissed because he asked if everything was ok. I said no and proceeded to blow up on him. Something I never do in public. Then I go home and deal with ungrateful kids. I was actually happy to take Jodi to her girl scout booth sale in the mall. I stayed there for awhile because I didnt want to go home. Sad huh?

Then Sunday was the cap of everything. Bryan's son is the most hateful child in the mornings. OMG I was so over him. He yells and they fight and I try to stay out of it but yesterday they pushed my buttons. I told Bryan im not putting up with it. Never have from my kid not going to from his. I didnt go to church because I was so mad. Probably should have gone but I didnt. Then I took Jodi to my great nephews 2nd birthday party. He was ill(hadnt napped) and it was loud so I was glad when it was over. Then I met up with Doc#4 for an evaluation. He was super busy! He got 5 pages on his pager in the 15 mins we met. Then he had to go to the hospital for an emergency bronchoscopy. Patient was throwing up blood and he had to go. My goodness I dont think he gets much rest on his call weekend.

So suffice it to say I am happy to be at work this morning where im listening to John Mayer and not yelling or obnoxiousness.

37 more sleeps... wonder if I could slip off by myself?? Hmmmmm



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