Feb. 24th, 2010


Feb. 24th, 2010 10:10 am
I hope to have a good post tomorrow after weigh in. Not gonna jinx it but just maybe. Fingers crossed! XX

I have a busy day today. We are having pizza and Greek salad for lunch. The relief doc is here for my boss. I'm not eating any of it. Will have my Wendy's small chili and be damn happy! I have a secret shop to do and I need to go see Doc #2 for about an hour. He is still having billing problems. I haven't posted much about him. He is actually my personal doc and its a little bit weird to work for him then see him when im sick. But I deal. The money is good and that's all that matters.

I have to post about this because it makes me happy. I bought a lot of 3 formal dresses on Ebay for the wedding. Not sure about the colors or the fit but for the price 7.95 I thought what the heck. One is short and pretty cute. A light shade of green. Sort of sea foam green I would say. Kristy is wearing it for her "going away" outfit. Then a long heavy glittery gray sleeveless dress. Then OMG the most beautiful sleeveless dress in celadon green with a matching jacket. Its from Davids Bridal. I feel so pretty in it. A size smaller than I normally wear. Long with a slit up the side. Kristy saw it and said "Mom, its perfect." :) I tried it on for her and for Bryan and yesterday for the girls at work. They all said it was gorgeous. I'm so thrilled to have my dress for the wedding. Kristy's colors are clover green and canary yellow. My dress doesn't really matter as im just Mom of the bride and don't actually have a part. My mother has a darker green dress with a jacket she will wear. I'm almost as excited as Kristy now. LOL Doesn't take much to please me. :)

Have a good one friends!

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