Feb. 22nd, 2010


Feb. 22nd, 2010 11:19 am
I need to get busy but im doing a quick post. Friday I dont even remember what we did. Isnt that sad? Saturday Jonathan went to church camp. I met up with Kristy and Jodi at Starbucks where they were selling cookies. They sold 500 boxes Friday night and 59 boxes Saturday. We went wedding shopping and lunch then came back home. Jodi spent the night with us. We went out to eat at Mexico Lindo. Yummy Mexican. I got mucho nachos and ate maybe 1/4 of them. Gays sister was in there and sat with us. In a little while her daughter came in looking for her. Gays sister has some sort of mental issues and takes a bunch of meds. Her daughter thought she had sat down with some random people. :) We are kind of random I guess. Anyway saw all of them and Gay. Took Jodi to Maggie Moos. I abstained. Go me! Got home and watched tv and Jodi went to bed.

Sunday we woke up, had breakfast, and headed to church. Sold more cookies at church. Then we headed to Jacksonville Walmart. We got there first and stood around waiting on the rest of her troop. They get there and we start setting up the tables and cookies. There is a good bit of drama between some of the moms. Luckily im Nana and I dont get involved. We were told after we set up that we couldnt be there. The troop leader went inside and got us cleared to sell so we did. Dont know how much we sold. Probably 12 cases or so. Jodi got sick and we came home. I loaded my car back up with cookies to leave with the troop leader. So I had unpacked then packed them up again. If I never see another girl scout cookie I will be happy! Picked the family up some KFC. I had an orange and some baked beans. Jodi felt better and went home about 630. Bryan and I hung out watching tv. Oh yeah and skinny cow ice cream rocks!

Hopefully today will be a good day for everyone.



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