Feb. 15th, 2010


Feb. 15th, 2010 10:21 am
Morning friends!

Im at work because we dont get every holiday off. Its okay. I love my job!

Jonathan was supposed to go to school today to make up a weather day. They got out but nothing happened. Well it was going to snow again today but it didnt. Guess what? They canceled school today. They are out of school more than they are in it.

Yesterday was a really good day. I love Godiva chocolates so much. When I first met Bryan and we had little money(11 yrs ago) We would buy a piece of Godiva chocolate and savor it. Now I got a whole box. Im still going to savor one piece a day. No more and no less until its gone. I forgot to add the other little gifts he got me. You know that Shake It exercise thing that looks like a sex toy? Well he got me one of those because I make fun of the commercial.https://www.officialtvwebsite2.com/shake-weight/index.asp?did=1460&refcode=shake I used it to work on my arms and he agreed it does look pornographic. LOL He also got me a Kirklands gift card. I love that store and Bed Bath and Beyond. I have to go now to spend it up. LOL I got him a stuffed monkey that says I love you and a Reeses peanut butter heart.

We went to get Starbucks yesterday about 530 or so. I had won a 10.00 Starbucks card so it was basically free. I love free!

Watched Big Love. OMG I totally saw the ending coming but I was still a bit shocked. I adore the show even though I think Bill is a selfish man. I wont spoil it for you but last night was one of the best ones Ive seen this season.

Back to work for me. Have a good Monday friends!
I changed my icon to my St Paddys one. Now I want a green beer! Maybe I oughta find a different icon. :)



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