Feb. 11th, 2010

Happy Birthday today to my friend Jenny aka [livejournal.com profile] mimsmom
Hope you have the best day ever! Plus eat some cake for me!
Cant wait to hear about the sonogram today and hope to see pics of little brudda! :)

This pic made me think about you and your family at the "Wiber"

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos


Feb. 11th, 2010 09:42 am
I weighed in a bit ago. Down 1 lb. I guess slow and steady wins the race. Tell that to my aching legs. Last night I did 10 min elliptical, 10 min recumbent elliptical,25 sit ups, ab work on the table then we had the brilliant idea to walk 24 times around the gym. That equals a mile. My legs were screaming and my feet were on fire. I went to the grocery store and then home. Bryan made some jambalaya with chicken. I had about a half cup of that and then an apple. Lost 1 freaking lb!
God this is so hard. My teammates lost .5 lb, 3 lbs and the captain gained .5 lbs. Not a great week. The CEO gained 5 lbs. He works out with us too but he isn't on our team. He hits me on the shoulder every time he is there and says Im proud of ya! I wish I didn't feel so discouraged. I know any loss is good but my clothes are loose on me. I want to see numbers. Grrrr

The old fella im in charge of transport for church that Ive written about. He fell Saturday night. He was admitted to the hospital with a probable broken hip. We were told not to pick him up anymore. He is really confused now. He has Alzheimers. Gay and I are going to try to visit him on Sunday afternoons. I feel so bad for him.

Sunday we are having a meeting for the ladies of our church. We are going to start baking casseroles and desserts to take to the sick and shut ins. Im looking forward to that. If I give it away it wont hurt so bad not to eat it.

56 more sleeps!

Girl scout cookies are in. The next few weeks will be busy with us setting up outside Walmart and Lowes.

Last thing I want to post about. My heater is gone in here. I told the landlord yesterday. Right now im at 55 degrees. Yikes! Thank God for my tiny space heater on my feet.
I am cold and dont want to work.

My parents bought a new car last September over the phone. Odd I know but then so are my parents. They knew what they wanted and couldnt get it here in town so they called Serra Toyota in Birmingham. They had the car(2009 Camry candy apple red with sunroof). So anyway, they drove the car over after my dad paid them 500.00 down. Then they paid the rest on delivery. Okay they love the car. It drives like a dream. Im worried about the recall. So I call dad and ask what he is planning to do about it. Nothing. He says "he thinks this is all a scam". Im like "come on Dad". "Its all over the news". Next thing he says is "Im not putting the miles on it". I say "what"? By now knowing im losing this one. He says "it only has 723 miles on it" and he doesnt want the mileage from the 140 miles round trip it would take to get it to Birmingham. He is so smart about some stuff but my dad has lost it on this one. I told him "look you are 77 years old". "How many miles do you think you are EVER going to put on the car". He said "dont bury me yet". I give up!



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