Feb. 5th, 2010


Feb. 5th, 2010 11:22 am
Its still rainy and cold outside. I know my Northern friends have it worse but any day I wear a coat is not a good day for me. I hate coats. They are uncomfortable and take up precious room. I hate dragging them around when I get too hot.

I was so down yesterday after our weigh in. Then Pam,a teammate called and said looks like we are going to win this week. They give out prizes for the team with the most weight loss. Then when I went to the funeral home last night she said we lost. A guy from data processing lost 16 frickin lbs. WTH? Anyway he had gastric bypass a few years back and had gained more than he lost back again. So im happy for him. Next week Im fighting for our team. I'm planning to work my butt off this weekend and eat right. Its hard to do but can be done. I should have weighed again today I shaved my legs this morning. That should have been good for a lb of weight loss. LOL I'm fortunate enough to have soft hair on my legs that is blond. You cant even tell when Ive shaved or not. :)

Headed to a funeral at 2 today. Not looking forward to it but am looking forward to not returning to work after.

Got my Rolling Stone magazine last week. This makes me drool...

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