Jan. 30th, 2010


Jan. 30th, 2010 02:06 pm
I told Bryan this morning I wasnt planning to do anything. That sure changed! I had a secret shop to do. Ive really done a bunch of them this past month. Should have a great paycheck. First I had to go get my metformin at CVS. I looked around a little in there and got a printout of what I spent for my taxes. I left there and went to Walgreens to get another printout. You may wonder why I have two pharmacies. Well my boss calls in things for me from time to time. He only knows that number by heart and its really close to work so I go there too. Its just me. While I was there I got Jodi a snuggie. She wanted mine but im not getting rid of it.Its my Bama snuggie. :)

Then I headed to Walmart. On the way Gay called and wanted to know if I "squealed" on her. LOL
She said she got a bunch of encouragement notes from church members. I told her I let them know so they could pray. She said it was okay. She thinks it helps me too. She is always looking out for me. She said she was going to church with us tomorrow. She is baking today for our friend Don's bake sale. Don is a guy who worked in xray at the hospital forever. He and I used to tell each other jokes all the time. He is 72. He was working til his cancer was discovered in Sept. He is dying with lung cancer. Been in ICU about 4 weeks now on a ventilator. So the hospital employees are doing a bake sale for his medical bills. Gay is a great baker and she is participating. Her stuff always go quick at these sales.

Did my secret shop then headed home. Jodi is spending the night with me. Her mom got her old job back at Office Max so she has to work nights. Ive told Bryan we have to help her because she has to work. He doesnt mind Jodi being here. I just like to let him know ahead of time.

Now ive got to attend to laundry and chores around here. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Im planning to!



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