Jan. 26th, 2010


Jan. 26th, 2010 11:06 am
Today has been so pretty outside. They say maybe snow this weekend. Doubtful but who knows?
A quick update because im a slacker. :D Saturday I did nothing but clean and grocery shop. I have got to get my spending under control. I spent 112 bucks at the grocery store. 53 two days before that and I will need to get bread, milk, cat food and other stuff before my next payday. Wonder if I can convince the guys to quit eating? Really doubtful there!

Gay is having issues I dont want to discuss. She called me yesterday and asked me what to do. I called my doc. He advised us and she is having tests done Thursday. Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy as well as a PET and Abdominal Cat Scan tomorrow. Please Lord give her a break would ya?

I have to go to the doc at 1 today. My mammogram looked suspicious so I have to have magnification films. I hate when the doctor calls themselves because its never good. Plus she said its probably nothing but I know you want it over with. Want to come today? Of course I do. I just cant worry about this. I have too much on my plate now.

We watched football Sunday. Last night I caught up on Big Love. Im really into that show. So much that I missed Castle and I rarely do that. He is yummilicious!

I also talked to my best friend from high school last night. She is retired from the Air Force and has a 12 yr old. She is coming here in June. I cant wait to see her! We picked up like we hadnt missed a day. Love Facebook for helping me find her again after 30 yrs.

Off to work.
72 more sleeps!


Jan. 26th, 2010 08:24 pm
Madness I haz it! God today was almost my breaking point.

I got up early because I was too warm and couldnt sleep. My boss' SIL called when I hadnt even put my purse down and needed him to look at her mammogram. I had just wired her husband money for something he needed and she didnt seem to know about it. Then I get a call from my GYN doc that I have a suspicious spot. I need magnified mammo.I had a secret shop to do so I did it. Before I got back to the office my IBS flared up. I had to go home and change clothes before the doctor thing. Did it and then was busy with work. I head to work out and it is freezing outside. Its really rough to go from hot sweaty to freezing cold. Had another secret shop to do but couldnt find my debit card! I also had to go by Kristy's job and drop off Jodi's skates. Santa bought the wrong size so I helped him get bigger ones. She was standing on her head waiting on them. Then Gay called crying. Her cancer is back in her spine L3 and in her cecum colon. She will probably end up seeing my boss for some radiation but she has to see her oncologist in the morning. Im going with her for moral support. So anyway im off to my other secret shop and then dropped the skates by Kristys. Then to Gays to give her a hug and tell her im here for her. Shes out in the cold halfway down the street chasing her dogs. She has a sewer leak and water spraying up in her yard and the neighbors yards. OMG please stop. So she is chasing her dogs and trying to carry the biggest one home. I go help her and we are wet and muddy. We get home and all we can do is laugh. Probably what she really needed. Okay so then i have another message on my phone. My dad is gone and mother has no clue where he is. He got mad at the grocery store for overcharging and took off to fight with them. Sighhhh So I go to the store where he shops. He isnt there. I call Mother. Still not home. Im thinking he is on the road and had a heart attack or something. Im talking to her and he walks in. So then I come home and Bryan is waiting on supper. :X I get the cube steaks cooked and made a salad and some mac and cheese and now Im done! Please dont let anything else happen.

Oh yeah and its two more weeks before I know what my mammo says. I cant make this stuff up. This is my life. Pray for Gay! Light a candle! Anything. I told her we would fight it. She never cries but she did tonight.



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