Jan. 22nd, 2010

Isnt it odd that a new haircut and color can make you feel like a new person? Kristy, Jodi and I got our hair done last night. My hair dresser works us in when we can get there. Last night was good for all of us. I got a cut and color and highlights. Jodi and Kristy both got hair cuts. Im forever amazed at the price. It was 55 bucks for all of that. We are getting her to do all of the family hair styles for the wedding too. She agreed to come to the church and primp us up. :)

Kristy had a job interview with a cardiology practice. The doc(Doc#3) she worked for before is a cardiologist so this might work out. The interview was an hour and a half. That sounds good to me. Im trying not to be too hopeful. She felt like it went well but if it didnt I dont want to see her heartbroken. She got her old job back at Office Max but she really wants to be in the medical field. If she can get a break in she can go to school. Im really praying she will get it.
The benies are excellent. Better than mine even. :)

Other than that we are wedding planning. Im working on clearing out the house and reorganizing. Im thinking of pretending its someone elses house. Its always easier to clean someone elses house than your own. :)

Oh yeah and last night Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice ROCKED! So glad it was a good show.

Everyone have a great weekend!



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