Jan. 15th, 2010


Jan. 15th, 2010 09:29 am
Morning friends list!

Today is going to be a good day! I did get to see the last half of Greys Anatomy. I feel like a heel complaining about it not being on. But geezzz they showed the same show on GMA this morning. I had already seen it last night. Im sorry about Haiti. Im so sorry for the people there. I will pray for them all and for me being mad about my silly tv show.

I have plans for the weekend. Going to work on cleaning and clearing out. Sunday after church we are going to the bridal show in Birmingham. We found a reception site cheaper than the other place. :) Its the country club here. Their interior walls are green which is one of Kristy's colors and the chairs in the dining area have elephants on them. She adores elephants. She had quite a collection of them, some of which I have in my shrunk. When she told Jodi about it Jodi said it was perfect. She is keeping Jodi in the loop with everything as it should be.

Speaking of Miss Jodi, her girl scout troop is going to Washington DC in June. Thats about 1000 bucks I guesstimate. The plane trip is 289.00. she has to sell 600 boxes of girl scout cookies. She has sold close to 200 boxes. If anyone needs any let me know. Free shipping if you do. :) If she doesnt sell the 600 boxes she has to come up with the money for the trip. Plus she will need spending money. She is going though. I will come up with the $$. Plus the wedding. Plus I want to go on a cruise I heard about. Its called a Coders cruise. I have to have continuing education credits for my coding credentials. They have a cruise and I can earn CEUs for the cruise. I only have to go to workshops a couple of hours a day. Im looking into that.

I better get to work. Have a good Friday friends and a great weekend!

ETA 82 more sleeps!
I forgot something so I wanted to tell you guys about it. I love LJ. Its like calling all your friends at one time and having a chat. LOL

We are in this competition at work. The fit club thing I joined back in Oct. Well now it is getting serious. We had to make groups of 4 and compete in this Scale Back America deal. The team who loses the most wins a prize. The individual who loses the most gets a prize. These prizes are from our hospital. Then you are entered to win a prize at the state level too. My team is together. Its Pam who works with me, Wendy the oncology protocol nurse, Kathy the medical staff secretary and me. We had to come up with a team name. Ours is "Pants off the ground". LOL Pam said we are going to lose so much weight we gotta get our pants off the ground. Shes so funny!

Yesterday im on the elliptical and the CEO is next to me running. He does 45 mins on that beast!
He said "are you on a team"? I told him "yes". He said "no one wants me on a team". I said "no because you outrun them!" I had to get off after my 10 mins so I could breathe. :)



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