Jan. 14th, 2010

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What are your digits like? (Endure me, I'm Curious.)

83 more sleeps!


Jan. 14th, 2010 06:33 pm
Im looking forward to Greys Anatomy tonight. 2 hours! Love that show.

Today was pretty weird. The animal control people were in our parking lot when I pulled in. He was setting up several traps with food in them. He was trying to catch the feral cats in the parking lot. Now these cats dont bother me. They walk on my car. Big frickin deal! So the doc next door came down to see me and he said they belonged to the older woman on the corner and they were all she had. Well later she was out trying to break them free from the traps. Then the Wash on Wheels guy helped her and got one out. Maybe more I dont know. Then im heading to lunch and the animal control folks are in the alley talking to her. I hope they were not mean to her. When I left I didnt see one cat. Poor guys!

Then remember hos the hospital is cutting money and let 14 people go saving 1.4 million bucks? Well our department is getting new carpet, paint, a 40 inch flat screen, new fridge, new micro and I dont even know what else. WTH?

Kristy and I went to the country club here. Think the reception will be there. Its pretty reasonable. We both loved the views and the colors are her colors. Isnt that wild?
Im so mad! No Greys Anatomy! Ive looked forward to it all day. I know the situation in Haiti is pretty bad. But why not preempt the news or something? Dang it!



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